My Life Lessons from the Stray who took up residence in a hurricane-battered Jaguar

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It was September 15, 2020. I was keeping an eye on the news all day for weather updates. There was a tropical storm headed our way, but since it was the peak of hurricane season I knew there’s always a possibility of any storm to rapidly intensify. Sure enough, the storm grew into a strong Category 1 hurricane, then just before landfall it spun up to a Category 2.

I am no stranger to riding out hurricanes. Hurricane Ivan struck back in September of 2004, as a strong Category 4 hurricane, only a few mph under a Category 5. That was scary as all hell, as you sit helplessly listening to winds howling, feel the ground shaking as yet…

If we all practice what he preaches the world wouldn’t be in the crisis it is right now

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The world is in crisis

More specifically, America

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, In his book, How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life he makes a profound statement to which we must take to heart:

“The sale of weapons — thousands and thousands of types of arms and ammunition — by manufacturers in big countries fuels the violence, but more dangerous than guns or bombs are hatred, lack of compassion, and lack of respect for the rights of others. As long as hatred dwells in the human mind, real peace is impossible.”

This one is hard to resist

RitaE on Pixabay

OK. Did this photo get your attention? What are you thinking?

I’m envisioning the delicate crackle sound the pastry crust would be making as I cut into it. Then, once in my mouth, the decadent flavor of the warm custard sauce, enticing my tastebuds to burst with joy. The texture of the succulent fruit within. Oh, the joy of baked perfection.


My anxiety continues to grow as I watch America’s tragedy

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First came a global pandemic which found it’s way to America…..

Then came a quarter of the country unemployed…..

Then came a murder of an innocent man because of the color of his skin….

Then came the protests, unleashing the rage of the racism that still is….

America is burning, from more than one fire.

I cry in the shadows, fearing what’s next.

Many tears.

Something positive the pandemic has brought us

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Many Americans have been cooking at home for the past several months more than they ever have before. When the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in nationwide lockdowns, there wasn’t any other choice than to start cooking at home. …

She’s like the sister I always wished I had

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When Susan Boyle first took to the stage on “Britain’s Got Talent,” I realized she was on the autism spectrum. Her “quirky” ways had everyone laughing at her until the jaw-dropping moment she began singing “I Dreamed a Dream.” She stunned the world with her spectacular voice. Suddenly everyone forgot…

Our lives matter too.

I was a Guest Speaker at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City for World Autism Awareness Day 2017. Photo by Anita Lesko

A highlight of my life was getting invited to be a guest speaker at the United Nations Headquarters for World Autism Awareness Day 2017. I can still remember walking into that huge amphitheater room and seeing my name placard lit up at my seat. It was overwhelming to say the…

I’m crying as I write this.

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I thought it would still be a few days to see that America hit the 100,000th COVID-19 death. I literally had just checked the news 30 minutes ago, then checked again. There it was. Loud and clear. I burst out crying, my stomach in knots. All these poor souls, their grieving families. I’m shaking to the bone. I’m still in shock at it all. As I look at that horrifying number of 100,000, then I look at the photos of tens of thousands frolicing in massive crowds over the holiday weekend, without a care in the world, as if none of this really happened. I’m numb. I’m crying. My anxiety is paralyzing right now.

This diet might help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and possibly improve it.

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If you have ever known someone with Alzheimer’s, you know how painful it is to watch their cognitive decline. The affected individual doesn’t see what is happening, but everyone around them watches the changes. Alzheimer’s disease is…

Why this is so critical now that a global pandemic is ravaging the world

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When was the last time you were at a doctor’s office and he asked if you’d like to try eating your way to better health? Either to prevent, treat, or reverse a common disease you may…

Anita Lesko

Anita Lesko, BSN, RN, MS, CRNA. Author, national motivational speaker, United Nations Guest Speaker, Plant-Based Success Story, Consultant.

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