Good Eats For the Whole Family! Carrot Hot Dogs!

Everyone is home trying to think of something fun or different to eat. How about a fun, healthy meal that’s easy on the wallet and fun for the whole family to make! Have you ever heard of carrot hot dogs? Yes! Instead of traditional meat hot dogs, these are made with carrots! Ok, OK. I think I know exactly the face you are making right now, as you are having serious doubts about how could a carrot possibly take the place of a “real” hot dog! Trust me, I get it! I will confess to the same reaction! But let me tell you, once you taste these delicious treats, you’ll be looking for seconds and thirds! I make them for friends who demand the recipe! And go ahead, call them “carrot dogs!” Psssst…. don’t tell anyone! These are fat free, so they’re guilt free too! Just make ’em and eat ’em and don’t forget to make a bunch extra! If there are any left over, they’re good 2–3 days. But I doubt there will be any left once people taste these crazy carrot dogs!

You’ll want to use a large pot for the boiling, so all the carrots can be laying flat, otherwise they’ll break. Like a large Dutch Oven or similar pot.


6–10 carrots, thoroughly washed, patted dry, peeled

Select Carrots that are pretty straight and a bit longer than the buns.

Select Carrots that are pretty straight and a bit longer than the buns.

Hot Dog Buns of your choice

Fixings of your choice! Recommended — Chopped white onions, ketchup, stone ground mustard, relish, jalapeños, hot sauce, guacamole, chopped red onions, cilantro, marinated red cabbage (chopped fine and marinated in Rice Vinegar for 30 minutes), sauerkraut, whatever your heart desires!


1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg’s)

1/2 cup Soy Sauce Low Sodium

1/2 cup Vegetable Broth

2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

Add all ingredients in a rectangular container which has a lid and stir well. Set aside.


1. Thoroughly wash, rinse, pat dry the carrots. Peel them. Cut off ends, making them at or a little longer than “bun length”

Washing Carrots in Cool sudsy water. Rinse Thoroughly. Pat Dry.

Carrots Peeled with Ends Cut Off

2. Place carrots into boiling water and on medium-high briskly simmer until they are fork-tender. This might be 20–30 minutes. Keep checking the carrots with a fork but be very gentle when pressing the fork into them so you don’t break them.

3. Once they are fork-tender, very gently lift each one out with a wooden spoon or similar tool, being careful not to let it roll off. I use a finger to gently hold the carrot as I lift it out. Place each one into the marinade, all laying flat and all submerged in the liquid. Place cover on container and refrigerate 24 hours. You can find recipes that just do a quick marinade, but the flavor is no where near as rich as the 24-hour marinade. Just be patient!

Carrots in the marinade

4. Using a 12" skillet, first heat the skillet for two minutes to get it hot. Add some of the liquid marinade into the skillet. Then gently place the carrots into the skillet, all next to each other. Do not overlap. Cook, rolling them occasionally, until thoroughly heated through. Add more marinade as needed. Try and get some blackened spots on the carrot dogs as it imparts really great flavor!

Carrots in the skillet on medium-high heat

5. Warm the hot dog buns just a tad. Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for! Place one carrot dog in each bun and add your favorite toppings!

Top ’em however you like!

Dig in!

These are great served with corn-on-the-cob, beans, whatever you like! They’re great simply all by themselves! My mouth is watering, so I’ve got to go start grillin’ up my carrot dogs! My toppings are stone ground mustard, ketchup, chopped white onions, and hot sauerkraut!

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Anita Lesko, BSN, RN, MS, CRNA. Author, national motivational speaker, United Nations Guest Speaker, Plant-Based Success Story, Consultant.