Selling Sno Cones in Antarctica

We are in the middle of the COVID-19 catastrophic pandemic, a virus that is killing hundreds of thousands of people. Most people are scared, or at least somewhat anxious since this all began months ago. Human nature as it is, people tend to seek some form of solace during times like this. Add to the mix, the social distancing which only adds more anxiety and emotions to everyone’s already overloaded level of stress.

People who previously watched what they ate have thrown it all to the wayside and loading up on the foods that bring them comfort. An article in The New York Times, “I Just Need the Comfort,” April 7th stated, “Many restaurants have closed, and shoppers are reaching for frozen pizza and boxes of cereal instead of organic greens and whole grains.”

It is quite apparent from all I am reading and seeing for myself. Chips, pizzas, burgers, ice cream, all kinds of “fun” foods are what is in high demand directly precipitated by the pandemic.

There is one caveat that is directly related to this very issue: all of those foods contribute to inflammation, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more. The coronavirus loves to seek its victims who have these underlying diseases. Now at such a crucial time everyone needs to be doing everything humanly possible to get themselves on track to their best health. Instead, people are doing exactly opposite of what they should be doing!

So here I am, trying to pedal a book on how to get yourself on that track and get rid of diseases you have, or may not even know you have. Often people are walking around with diabetes, high blood pressure, or something they are not aware of. I should know, as I was harboring type 2 diabetes for probably near a year without knowing it.

I feel like I am trying to sell sno cones in Antarctica. Right. Like who would want a freezing cold sno cone in Antarctica where it is 80 degrees below zero? Exactly.

I am trying to get people to plan ahead, sort of like getting life insurance, or starting your 401K. Planning for the future. Your health is no different. What you eat today will impact your body in the future! I am not about to give up, not in a million years. I continue forging ahead and giving a shout out to everyone to start investing in your health TODAY!

This book gives you a step-by-step guide on how to get started on your journey to your best health ever.

Get your sno cone/copy of this book today!

I’d love to hear what you are turning to for comfort food during this pandemic! Visit at




Anita Lesko, BSN, RN, MS, CRNA. Author, national motivational speaker, United Nations Guest Speaker, Plant-Based Success Story, Consultant.

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Anita Lesko

Anita Lesko

Anita Lesko, BSN, RN, MS, CRNA. Author, national motivational speaker, United Nations Guest Speaker, Plant-Based Success Story, Consultant.

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